ROLLBACK al 22 Maggio!!!



With the help of the community we have discovered that there was some exploiting of our Market feature at the end of last week. We immediately deactivated the Market to fix this issue and we identified those who had been actively exploiting it. We are in the process of permanently banning these players for their actions, as their behavior is inconsistent with the values we’ve set for the Darkfall Unholy Wars community.
To take every measure necessary to protect fairness in the game we decided to roll back inventories to last Thursday and keep the Market feature disabled for another day to further test it and verify that nothing similar happens in the future.
We apologize to those affected and we will add three (3) days of game time to all active accounts on Sunday, June 1st.


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decisione coraggiosa, altri nella stessa situazione hanno cercato di affossare la cosa...

gli ultimi sprazzi di vita di av non sono male, avessero cominciato prima


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avessero fatto un rollback alla prima beta del primo darkfall quando era ancora presente il soft cap lo avrei apprezzato decisamente di più :sisi: