Server down + patch



We will bring the Vanguard servers offline on Thursday, August 9, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. PDT* (San Diego time) for a hotfix to make a few improvements. The game servers will be unavailable for about 4 hours. [Zatozia]


Raga ma state giocando su Telon o su Halgar?
Perché se state tutti su Telon mi faccio spostare i pg... cmq su Halgar lag 0 eh...

Rimettiamo su la gilda? :)


Here are the notes for today's hotfix:

  • Marketplace

    • [*=left]Potion of Unlocking price has been reduced
      [*=left]Potion of Unlocking should now indicate that it is 5 charges
      [*=left]Potion of Unbinding price has been reduced
      [*=left]Potion of Unbinding should now indicate that it is 5 charges
      [*=left]Shave and a haircut is no longer available on the marketplace
  • Classes
    • Warrior
      • Grim Determination should work properly now
      • Fixed typoe in description of defensive form for warriors
      • Fixed typo in effect display of intimidating snarl
      • Assail should cost 10 endurance
    • Dreadknight
      • The Master of Fear ability should now be available on the trainer
  • Items
    • Fixed augment slot order on items
    • Shave and a haircut items should now be available on general good vendors
    • These items allow you to recustomize your character
    • Fixed some items that were flagged as gold member only that should not have been
  • Quests
    • Finding Oki quest should work again
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed an issue that caused IOD players to be stuck on the island


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brava SOE si vedrà il 14, x ora devono fare ancora tanto, ma taaaaanto , x tenere in piedi il FTP.


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beh x quello si è ricominciato a rivedere i dev sul forum ufficiale, e sembrerebbe che dialoghino abbastaza assiduamente con gli user....compreso Silus.