The Winds Impervious Set Guide

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Today, I’m going to show you how to unlock each jewelery of the set called “The Winds Impervious”. Note that getting these items is moderately hard. It can be completed within a few hours or so.

The set

  • Blue dots: path for Order
  • Red dots: path for Destruction
Crow Caller Chain

Destruction & Order

Travel to Thunder Mountain by a Flight Master. Grab a mount and go to 42k/7k. You will have to kill Magma Crawlers for the loot called Arachnid Poison Sac. Collect 5 of them in order to get the tome unlock. Note that the rate of this drop is 4%, so you will have to slay approximately 125 of them.

The Obdurate Seal


First, you will have to vanquish Firestrike, a Giant Scorpion Champion. Travel to Caledor, near Chapter 16 (43k/6k), you will find the arachnid there. He should drop his Giant Scorpion Stinger right away, but in case he doesn’t keep trying. Loot it and get ready for the next part.

Fly to the Dragonwake warcamp. From there, you will need to reach the Order’s side to proceed back to Caledor. I have marked the path on the map below.

Make sure you don’t take the first road uphill, but the second. At the first one there are several R55 Heores standing, so avoid it by all means.

Now you just have to kill Crushclaw (Caledor 52k/47k). When you finish him, you automatically get the unlock. Second part done!

Alternative route

Some people reported that they were able to find a way through the High Elf warcamp in Caledor. Even though I couldn’t do it, you might have a better luck. Some tips that might be helpful:
  • Manly Tome Tactic is a must
  • Use the waterfall to evade the patrol
  • The road you will need to go on is on the left

Travel to the Caledor warcamp and head to 52k/47k. Farm Crushclaw until he drops a Giant Scorpion Stinger - take it and return to the warcamp. See picture for details.

From there, swim down on the river that runs below the Dark Elf warcamp. Head north and find Firestrike (probably the cousin of Crushclaw) at 43k/6k. Kill it and now you have The Obdurate Seal unlocked.

Wordbreaker Band

Destruction & Order

You will have to pay a visit to a “Warhammer’s Edge” - this time in Cinderfall. The terrain is very difficult to get around, so I’ve made a video showing the way to the unlock. Since the video starts from the Greenskin Chapter 18, reach it first (12k/43k).

From there, follow the video:

When you arrive, right click the frozen corpse. A mirror will appear in your backpack. Use it, and kill the lizard that’s spawned. That’s it!

You’ve made it! Find a Librarian in your capital city (IC: 16k/45k, Altdorf: 37k/49k) and buy the items. If you haven’t reached R35 yet, make sure to uncheck “Filter Usable” first. If you get stuck, feel free to ask any questions, I will do my best to answer them

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