ei ragazzi io girello per i forum e riporto le cose interessanti che trovo in giro , e sono in inglese perche' sui forum italiani non ce' mai niente di utile tranne poche rare eccezzioni ....

al massimo quando ho un po' di tempo traduco

ed ecco qua' sotto il contributo di aru - che maledetto - l'ha postato su mmorg italia
Full Tank (pve)

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Tank rvr RR50
Manca un punto da spendere a piacere tra Uccidi Anima o Furia Instoppabile
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Antimago - Assalti Cittadella
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Attualmente anch'io uso tank rvr che è un'ottimo ibrido molto simile alla tua "antimago".
L'unica cosa sui cui non sono daccordo è definirla antimago. Soul killer alla fine non è sto granchè visto che e non è anti mago-del fuoco.
Però adesso mi prendo una pausa da queste spec complesse, respecco full aoe e vado a spammare rovina mostruosa monotasto


had been giving this some thought for some time now and finaly tried it a little last night...

Anguish - T4 abiltiy, HoT, Disrupt Tactic, Choking, and Soul Killer.
Loathing - TF and Hold the Line

Tactics - TF, Rugged, Makalith's Bulwart, Soul Killer

Open Field Objective - Shut down the healers/casters with AP drain and interupts. Vs a Bomb group hit the healers with Mind Killer then interupt/Ap drain the BWs. Remember that Intelegence also by-passes defenses like disupt, so reducing it by 120 is not a bad think. (tip...use HoT after 1st stun.)

Keep Take Objective- Silence the Lord Room.
Have done this before. Its very effective if the healers/BWs are waiting in the lord room behind the shield wall...less so if they are on the steps to the 3rd floor. Once up there...see Open Field.

Keep Defense Objectice- Silence the clump of casters/healers.
This wored to perfection twice last night. Our 7 were defending a keep against a full WB... All of their healers/casters were clumped up just out of oil range. I charge and Silence followed by our DPS and we wiped them before they even knew what happened. The guys under the oil had no heals. It was great!!!

Based on advice of others, I increased the forgotten stat Initiative from ~15% chance to be critted (197 i think) to ~8% chance to be critted (400ish). It made a big difference. The only thing I dont like is that my toughness and shield (24% block) are my only real defenses when im at 0 Hate.

Does this make me a 1-trick pony? Perhaps, but its a role that really noone else can fill. And man it feels good to kill a BW duo.

Right now I only have 4 DP peices and 2 Conq (i dont have the Sent I need). I'm hoping to pick up the Invader Chest/Shoulders when I get the RR or some Tyrants.

Anyone else run a high Anguish build?
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After testing this a little more...the T4 Silence is an I-win button for keep defenses and keeps takes if you can coordinate with your WB and they trust you... It's marginally useful in close quarter SCs (like Reikland Factory). And completely useless in oRvR and most other SCs. You end up storing moral when using it rather than a more benefical T2/T3 ability.
The Disrupt Tactic+Bulwart+HTL is nice for charging the Lord Room and/or the back lines... With decent heals you can withstand a barrage from multiple BW even without HTL. Case in point. I was able to kill a BW duo (while solo) when they tried to AoE me down. Verse anything else; however, I died a slow but painful death. The HoT was useful and kept me alive, but my dps was crap, my defenses were low, and I had no ranged CC (WoS) to prevent kiting. And truth me known I could probably have killed both of the BWs anyway with another spec.
Bottom line...I wouldnt recommend the T4 Anguish Silence unless you are respecing speccifically for a Fort/City push, and IF you do...dont get TF. FoF to increase surviviabilty.


http://www.wardb.com/career.aspx?id=21#15:8872:0:0:5:32:29:9366:9365:93 57:9355:14121:14120:15124:608:9381:9382:613


mandatory items for a blackguard who wants to be able to dps
edited for destro version, please feel free to correct any errors

Oathstone of Karak Eight Peaks

Collect 4 items from gnoblars: somewhat uncommon drops, shouldnt take too long

-BadLands, 40k;37k : gnoblar's nose from the gnoblars here
-Cinderfall, 54K;54K : gnoblar's golden tooth from tooth gnoblars
-Cinderfall, 54k;54k : gnoblar's trapper tools from trapper gnoblars

-Black Crag, 40k;11k : burnmaw gnoblars (forget the set item name)

Click on all the components you collected, and it turns into a "BAG" and gives the tome unlock

Oathstone of Karaz-a-Karak

Kill the order champion slayer called Argnus Rockskull at 58k/49k in Kadrin Valley for the tome unlock

2 piece bonus is 10% chance to debuff 1200 armor, and it stacks with other armor debuffs


Complete BG Core and Mastery Abilities
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Starting Ability - Hateful Strike (changed on Nov. 21st - Patch 1.0.6b)
Starting Ability - Throw Dagger
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Starting Stats
2-Hander In Action
2-Hander Idle Pose
2-Hander PQ Reward
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BG vs. KotBS

* Core Abilities:
* Core Morales:
* Core Tactics:
* Path of Malice
* Path of Loathing
Feeding On Weakness
Crush The Weak
Spiteful Slam
None Shall Pass (Mastery Ability)
Force of Fury (Mastery Ability)
Wave of Scorn (Mastery Ability)
Terrifying Foe (changed on Nov. 21st - Patch 1.0.6b)
Feeding On Pain
Anger Drives Me
* Path of Anguish


- A little more organized version here.
- Vid of the BG (against KotBS) in Nordenwatch here (FUN vid!).
- More ss of the BG in action here.
- BG in the highest armor available for the class here.
- More high-level armor ss here and here.

Black Guard

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Raga, per ogni spec, corrisponde spesso un determinato equip e un determinato set di punti renow spesi.

Quindi chiedetemi di persona. Sappiate che poi dovrete avere la voglia di imparare a giocare diverso dal solito.