Stress Test - Si finisce col botto!


Siamo arrivati alla conclusione dello stress test che ha portato enormi miglioramenti sul lato stabilità, sono quindi pronti a partire gli eventi che segneranno la effettiva chiusura dello stress e ri-inizio della fase di beta test, ecco gli eventi con relativi premi!

Citizens of Nave,

It has been three weeks since our stress test began back in March. Thanks to your help and support, we have made huge strides forward in terms of server optimization and stability. At last, we have come to a point where we feel confident in our hardware and are ready to transition into the next phase.

We are going to be hosting the previously scheduled events starting today, April 16th and will be ending the stress test on Sunday, April 18th at 23:59 UTC.

For more information regarding events and times, please continue reading below.

Stress Test Contests & Prizes

Starting today, April 16th we will begin a weekend-long event as well as daily competitions which all reward exciting prizes. Details are listed below!

Friday, April 16th at 17:00 UTC - Sunday, April 18th at 23:59 UTC - The Great Hunt

Objective: Rare creatures are being placed in a specific location. Players have until the end of the stress test to hunt as many of these creatures possible. Henrik will announce the location and creature on stream at 17:00 UTC.
Rules: Anything goes
1st - RTX 2060 Video Card
2nd - $200.00 USD Newegg Gift Card
3rd - $200.00 USD Newegg Gift Card
4th - MO2 T-Shirt
5th - 1 month of MO2 subscription credit

Friday, April 16th at 17:00 UTC - The Most Dangerous Game - Starring Henrik

Objective: Find and kill Henrik.
Rules: Land the killing blow on Henrik to win the contest. PvP is allowed. Henrik will be armed and dangerous. Prepare for a fight. Clues on where to find him will be on Twitch during the event.
Prizes: $200.00 USD Newegg Gift Card

Saturday, April 17th at 17:00 UTC - Fury Road

Objective: Race from Vadda to the final destination.
(destination will be announced 10 minutes before the race begins)
Rules: Participants MUST be accounted for at the Vadda gates when the event begins. Other than that, anything goes. PvP Is allowed.
1st - $200.00 USD Newegg Gift Card
2nd - $100.00 USD Newegg Gift Card
3rd - MO2 T-Shirt + 3 month of MO2 subscription credit
4th - 2 months of MO2 subscription credit
5th - 1 month of MO2 subscription credit

Sunday, April 18th at 17:00 UTC - World Boss Event

Objective: Locate the world boss and land the killing blow to win.
Rules: First player to land the killing blow wins. PvP allowed. Win by any means necessary.
Prizes: $200.00 USD Newegg Gift Card

Join Henrik on Twitch - Key Giveaways

The CEO of Star Vault, Henrik Nyström will be streaming the start of this weekend’s competitions on Twitch starting April 16th at 17:00 UTC. Make sure to tune in for giveaways and free stress test keys throughout the duration of the stream.

We cannot thank you all enough for participating in the stress test and supporting our dream. See you all in Nave!


Star Vault Development Team