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Con la diretta di giovedì 14 gennaio sono state annunciate alcune novità riguardo SWTOR. Tra le news la più succulente è sicuramente l'annuncio (finalmente) di una nuova mappa war zone ambientata sul pianeta Odessen e con modalità di gioco "King of the Hill", maggiori informazioni verranno rilasciate a febbraio.
Altra novità riguarda il crafting, level cap alzato a 550, nuovi oggetti da craftare e così via.
Eternal Championship e companion Bowdaar spostati al capitolo XI, al Capitolo X però ritroveremo Blizz.

State of the Galaxy

  • Group content: Big thing for KoTFE is to make all the previous group content relevant again. We also added Star Fortress as new content for up to 4 players. We also revamped heroics. There are people who played all these content before and want ne stuff. At this point we don’t have anything to announce. While story/cinematics is our focus, we do want to add new group content in the game. We have discussions internally right now about it.
  • GTN Search: All the bugs should be fixed since yesterday. Needed live server info to fix this bug.
  • Events: We had some issues with events in December so we are running them again in Jan.
  • Guild Conquest Rewards: We have some scripts running today/tomorrow to give out rewards for those who haven’t received them yet.
  • Cartel Market: There has been lots of feedback about CM/packs. We will make a forum post in the next 2 weeks to outline the changes.
  • Any plans to add in new events? Don’t have anything to share right now. We have gotten good mileage with our current events.
  • New chapter should come every 4 weeks. Every chapter is tied to a game update. This is until the finale at Chapter 16.
Changes since Dec livestream.

  • Eternal Championship coming with Chapter 11 (instead of Chapter 10). It wasn’t ready yet.
  • Bowdarr coming with Chapter 11 as well.
  • Blizz recruitment mission will be coming with Chapter 10.
Chapter X

  • Coming Feb 11, continue your personal story.
  • Recruit a dangerous ally.
  • Make deadly decisions and face the consequences. One part of the consequence can be seen at end of the chapter while another part is further down the road.
Blizz recruitment mission (comign with Chapter X)

  • Meet Blizz and his all new Jawa crew on Hoth.
Crafting Update (coming with Chapter X)

  • Skill increase to 550
  • New craftable gear and mods (item rating 208). Existing crafting gear will be bumped up 4 levels each.
  • This will affect the augment MK levels (you will need to be 550 to craft the max level ones)
  • Old appearance will be coming back – War Hero stuff etc.
  • New materials
  • Mission re-organization
  • More info coming before end of Jan. It will be a very long forum post.
Class Balance Changes

  • We are debating if we should do small changes every month like we did last year or do big sweeping changes every few months. Would like to get community feedback which one you prefer.
Sub rewards

  • Sub by Jan 11 – unlock HK-55 companion recruitment mission in Chapter X
  • Sub by Feb 1 – 2 days early access, HK inspired jetpack
Nvidia Contest

  • Ends Sunday, use Shadowplay to record KotFE gameplay and submit.
  • Chance to win 3 gaming PCs, 10 GTX 960s.
New Warzone (more detailed info coming in Feb)

  • New warzone in the planet Odessen.
  • Gamemode will be King of the Hill.
  • Multiple hills, with hills randomly spawn in the map.
  • ETA for warzone release date will be revealed in Feb livestream. Release is not too far past that (within 6 months).
  • We will post when the next season starts soon.
Eternal Championship

  • Will it be too easy for veteran players? Yes and no.
  • Coming with Chapter XI. You will need to complete first 9 chapters to access it.
  • Solo challenge to test player skills. Meant to transition you from the story content into group content. You can do it solo or with friends but the weekly mission rewards are for soloing only.
  • 10 Encounters in Eternal Champion. First 5 encounters will be easy, allowing a broad group of players to get through. Last 5 encounters will be harder and Veteran players should feel satisfied finishing the last encounter.
  • Weekly mission reward progress. Right now we have 3 weekly missions – one for finishing first 5 encounter, another for finishing first 7, and last one for all 10 encounters.
  • We are taking feedback on what is the appropriate gear reward. Weekly reward for first 5 encounters maybe give solo flashpoint rewards and weekly reward for finishing all 10 encounter maybe you can get operation level gear.
  • In addition to the weekly mission rewards, there will be rare drops to some of the encounters.
  • Recruit the wookie gladiator: Bowdaar. If you can complete the harder encounters you can get him faster.
Gear Rewards from Eternal Championship | 01.14.2016, 10:54 PM

Hey folks,

One of the things Ben mentioned on the live stream, is that the dev team is looking to get some feedback regarding rewards from the Eternal Championship. Currently there are weekly quests for defeating 5, 7, and 10 encounters. Here is what Ben was looking for:

  • What level of gear should be rewarded for clearing 5 encounters?
  • What level of gear should be rewarded for clearing 7 encounters?
  • What level of gear should be rewarded for clearing 10 encounters?
Feel free to answer by comparison (this should drop gear similar to a HM Flashpoint) or in Item Rating.
Thanks everyone.

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