Test Update Notes: GU39 Preview


Questa è praticamente una preview della GU39, per ora è up solo nei server di test.

  • The Shard of Fear is now open for adventurous groups to explore.
  • Further sighting of mysterious visitors from Kunark have occurred in the waters near Freeport and Qeynos. See Admiral Marc Grenich in Qeynos Harbor and Livia Montellus in Freeport East to join in the investigations of these visitors.
  • "The Tablets of the Blademaster" quest no longer requires that the player be in the Pillars of Flame zone to examine the spirit vessel.
  • The Valley of the Magi instance off of the Commonlands should be functioning properly again.
  • The Misty Mustang whistles should now summon pinto looking Misty Mustangs instead of Elddarian Chargers.
  • The quest "A Portrait of Destiny" can no longer be shared.
  • Vhalen's Tools can now be examined outside of the Acadechism for a quest update.
  • Server Performance Improvements for dungeons and raid encounters.
  • Usable Items that are not usable from inventory will always show darkened out while not equipped.
  • Deity pets can now be used along with collection pets.
  • Pets with random names will now persist that name through zoning.
  • Provisioners now have a recipe for prickly pear pie, and no longer have two different recipes for prickly pear cookies.
  • Carpenters, inspired by the Night of the Dead, have begun researching new and sinister furniture items. A limited selection is now available with more development expected to yield further results in the future!
  • Harvested items will now display the level of recipes they are used in.
  • Mystic
    Weapon Mastery should now improve the dps, max health, attributes and crushing skill of the shaman pet.
  • Fury
    Pact of Nature will scribe the spell for the player even if their inventory is full
  • Clarified the Slaughter spell scrolls to be Assassin: Slaughter and Berserker: Slaughter to reduce confusion
  • Instant cast non proc spells will now get a small bonus from +spell/heal/combat art mods
  • Spells that summon multiple limited pets will display that information more concisely in the tooltip.
  • Inquisitor
    Contempt now uses ordination like the other spells in the line do.
  • You can no longer relinquish your home. Instead, while moving go to your new home and buy it, your items will be moved into the new home.
  • Guild banks have been extended with several new options:
    - Each guild bank tab can have its own name.
    - There is a space on each guild bank tab for a comment.
    - Each guild bank tab can now be set so withdrawing any quantity from a stack is considered as withdrawing one item for the purposes of the withdrawal limit.
  • Two-handed weapons will no longer be returned in broker searches for "Primary" slot weapons.
  • When you run out of a charged item (* totem) the tooltip will no longer say "Charges: 5 / 5" it will instead say "Charges:0/5" to reduce confusion.
  • There is a new UI window that will show only debuffs on your character:
    - The UI window is called MainHUD.DetrimentalEffects
    - The old effects window will now only show beneficial effects
Cose interessanti IMHO:
  1. Una nuova istanza Shard of Fear, non ho capito che livello ma credo 70.
  2. I materiali harvestati ora indicheranno il livello delle ricette che ne richiedono l'uso. (ho finito di penare)
  3. Si potranno finalmente rinominare i tab della banca di gilda, mai più "i master in banca4" basta scrivercelo :) si potranno aggiungere anche dei commenti :/ forte. E si potranno meglio controllare i prelievi di materiale.
  4. Ora esistono due window una per i buff e l'altra per i debuff.