The fallen shall be forever remembered as the Emperor's finest


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For The Fallen Battle Brother WNxBOLTERJUSTICE
This group is dedicated to the memory of WNxBOLTERJUSTICE, who sadly passed away recently (September 2013). In this hour of loss, we shall pay homage to the indomitable BOLTERJUSTICE in the one way we know would please him to no end: By waging war with his weapons of choice, and more importantly, being as kind and positive as he was to all we cross paths with. He taught us many things during his time with us, some lessons we carry with us to this day and will never forget forever onward, but the lesson of life he would want each of us to hold above all else is kindness towards others no matter what. All who fought at his side knows he never let frustration guide his attitude towards others, and always made sure to both encourage the defeated players to keep trying and congratulate those who bested him on a game well played. There were no words of thinly veiled hostility or sarcasm from him, and he seemed never to meet a stranger. Perhaps it takes facing down one's own mortality to truly appreciate the value of being kind to others, but I think that even if he were not ill he would have been just as kind to everyone he met as he was anyway. That is, and forever should be, the lesson of his that we take closest to heart and carry with us beyond our humble little gaming community. Compassion above all else, no matter the frustrations life throws at us.

Let us therefor go forth and practice that most valuable of lessons our fallen comrade taught us by practicing rather than preaching. Let us remember him fondly, no matter how close we were with him, and turn our mind's gaze to the fun we had at his side, for to mourn the dead rather than celebrate their life is a great sin indeed. From here and forever onward, let us remember and practice the unconditional kindness he showed to us and those he played with outside of our little band of brothers.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, pay our respects to our fallen brother in arms, and beseech The Emperor to safeguard the mortal soul of BOLTERJUSTICE and guide it to the golden halls of Terra, that he may take his rightful and well earned place at the side of The Master Of Mankind and find peace after so much war.

Farewell, our mighty brother, we will all miss you dearly.

(Very very special thanks to Ian.Shaw*BolterJustice*FdE* for creating this group and giving me permission to edit it)