The Repopulation, si Passa all'Unreal Engine

The Repopulation ha finalmente risolto i problemi che affliggevano l'Hero Engine, come? Semplicemente cambiando engine.
Gli sviluppatori hanno deciso di abbandonare l'engine in favore del più maneggevole Unreal Engine.
Questo cambiamento richiederà la riscrittura di gran parte del codice di gioco, mentre la grande maggioranza degli asset presenti potranno essere convertiti facilmente.

“Although we have had numerous discussions on possible solutions to these issues over the past few months, we did not find a good solution that would make absolutely sure we would never have this problem again,” the studio told backers and followers this evening. “Given the circumstances we have decided it would be in the best interest of the game to port to Unreal Engine. This is not a decision that we have taken lightly. While many of our assets will convert over easily to Unreal Engine, the game’s code will need to be rewritten from scratch. We realize that this will set development back by a significant period of time, and apologize to our fan base for the issues. At this point though, we felt this was the best move for the future.”
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