Tokyo in arrivo mercoledi' 16 Agosto


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Durante l'ultimo livestream dell'11 Agosto, oltre ad alcune spiegazioni sul funzionamento del raid di Flappy (Bird of the Zero-Point Pathogen) sono state presentate le novità in arrivo con i prossimi due aggiornamenti. Il primo, quello con la prima parte di tokyo arriverà il 16 agosto mentre il secondo conterra' il raid di New York e i Megaboss dei Lair come scontro in Agartha da 40 persone.
Il 15 Agosto, inoltre, verranno terminate le riparazioni sul teleport verso il ramo di Agartha di Tokyo con un evento in game.

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The Devstream - Lots of info in today’s devstream. We’ll go over each point here, and here is SWLRP's awesome summary of the stream. Click Here:
  • Whispering Tide ends the 15th - Log in on the final day to witness a grand spectacle as the tide recedes. Any unopened Custodial Relics still carried after the event ends turn into “Expired” Custodial Relics and provide some Anima Shards when opened. Expired Relics do not require a buff to open.
  • Tokyo: Back to the Beginning - The next region in the game, Tokyo, is being released on Wednesday the 16th. This is the first of three installments of the region, adding new story, new missions, new monsters, and more. Future installments, due over several weeks, include a previously-unreleased Lair.
  • AEGIS is gone - The system known as “AEGIS”, an old progression mechanic in The Secret World, is not featured as a part of character progression in SWL. There will still be references to the system in the story.
  • Weapon Skins - The oft-requested Weapon Skin system is being added in the next patch. These visual effects may be collected and applied through the Dressing Room interface. Basically, whenever you obtain a weapon with a unique appearance and bind it to your character, its skin is saved to the Dressing Room. Don't throw away weapons with cool skins before the patch!! We can only grant you skins for character-bound weapons you currently have in your inventory.
  • Elite Scenarios - Similar to Elite Dungeons, the Scenario system is receiving a scaling difficulty system. Prepare for a challenge!
  • Manhattan Exclusion Zone - Without getting too ahead of ourselves, the next content update after the first installment of Tokyo is the Manhattan Exclusion Zone, also known as “New York Raid” or “NYR”. This is the game’s first full raid encounter and will feature multiple difficulty levels.

  • Spirit Blade is receiving an update in the next patch. Instead of a time limit, a forged Spirit Blade now stores up to 10 charges that are expended when dealing additional damage. These charges do not decay over time. Charges may be restored by consuming Chi. Other effects, such as the self-heal, are not changed. Certain skills and weapon effects have been redesigned in light of these changes.
  • Enemies who are immune to crowd control, such as dungeon bosses, will no longer be affected by crowd control diminishing returns. This essentially means that players can always interrupt a boss without worry of affecting crowd control resistance (as long as the boss is intended to be interrupted in the first place).
  • XP Distillate rewards are being improved across the board for Elite Dungeons.

  • More fixes for crashes inbound, including potentially the crash-on-exit issue.
  • Fixing an issue that caused the bonus effect from Otherworldly Artifact to not function properly.
  • We’re planning to add a mission inventory to help with inventory space clogged up by undeletable mission items.
  • We are aware of an issue causing unresponsiveness from the daily login reward window. If the button isn’t doing anything, give it a rest and try again in a few minutes.
  • Runic Automatons are really loud!
  • The Draug Heart will occasionally drop again in the next patch.
  • We’re looking into improving the feedback when attempting to log in to the game. This includes, hopefully, actually telling you when the servers are down.
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