Trick or Treat Tips


questa è divertente le prime volte poi, sinceramente, è un pò na sega...

50-74 Points ::
Goblin Mask
Cat Mask

75-99 Points ::
Black Mask
Hatchet Mask

100+ Points ::
Amygadalan Mask*
Nightblood Mask*

* = New Mask this year

Thanks to Amana of Kithicor for the following tips/write-up:

1. Right-Click Fu
2. Pacing
3. NPCs
4. Zones

1st. Right-Click Fu- No this isn't something special you have to go to a Zen master to learn. The basic principle is timing it so you right click on an NPC before going to them and running up to them clicking it as soon as it is Highlightable. It does take some time and practice to do this, but once you learn how to do it this will make the mini event go quickly.

2nd. Pacing- Now this goes along with "Zones" and this will mainly go towards the NQ zone since I haven't done freeport yet. What you want to do is pace yourself so your hitting each NPC as often as you can. You can visit an NPC multiple times, however there is a timer on them. That is why you want to run around the zone in an oval/circle hitting each NPC this allowing the first NPC you visited to refresh.

3rd. NPCs-Now some NPCs may give the same reward over and over again however they also have the ability to A.) give you a trick or B.) giving you nothing at all saying they're out. This is why you want to fall back on the 2nd tip where you pace it out so you can hit them shortly again getting something different or the same thing. Study your NPCs and if an NPC constantly gives a reward the goblin wants then hit em when you can then run off hitting others till the timer runs out.

4th. Zones-I did the North Qeynos event so far and I have to say it is refreshing to do this event again. You as the player have the option of zoning out going to other NPCs in your home town or staying in the same area you are in. This is me personally but I recommend staying in the same zone your in because you don't have to mess with zoning "except" in the case of the UFO in NQ. The UFO case is minor though and well worth it since there are 5 NPCs in close proximity to one another that will give you a trick or treat.


This is for the Qeynosian folks and I will write one up shortly for the Freeportians. Your best bet is to stay in NQ and not zone out to SQ or the Elddar grove since there are 20 or so NPCs that will give you tricks, treats, or nothing at all. If your facing the Qeynos Claymore and talk to the goblin starting your quest head to the right into the first building, hailing both halflings quickly. Next get the 4 NPCs probably gathered near the Claymore then head off to the inn. Make sure to nab the woman near the table, the guy in the cuby guarding the secret room entrance, the 3 NPCs in the lower area, the halfling near the stairs, the bar maid and the bartender.

After the inn head outside grabing the two guards near the entrance and head towards the castle along the pathway. Reaching the castle grab the 3 roaming guards if they are there then the 2 guards at the castle start/bridge, the 1 near the bridge, the 2 on the left side below the last area then the up top area. After that do the same to the right side, but after the last guy jump into the moat heading towards the little dock with the guard. Grab him then head up the path towards the priest area grabing the roaming epicx4 level 70 people if they are near it.

Now entering the priest area grab the dude by the tree, the 2 writ givers to the very left, the guy near the start of the mini bridge, then the 3 NPCs off to the right excluding the merchants. The merchants do not give rewards, head into the UFO grabing each NPC you can avoiding the guy on the left of the hamer icon in the robe since he doesn't give a reward either. Head back out the portal heading towards the ironforge estate grabing the woman heading back out. There maybe an NPC perched near the middle of the road a Halfling so nab her and the 3 other roaming guards.

The level 70 epicx4s maybe coming about again so nab them again if you can. Head into the building with the two merchants not going upstairs where the barber is and then head to the building where the Iron forge guy is and the city merchant. Nab those two then the ironforge guy with the "Tear Drop" shield on his back. Hurry towards the bank area then the broker area nabbing those two. Head back to the claymore grabbing whatever NPCs you may have missed.

With all of that done repeat the process until you no longer see the "Trick or Treat" sign in the menu meaning your done.