Update Notes: Thursday, December 5, 2013


sistemano il teleport nella torre di vespyr (falinpol): riducono la durata dello stun (potrebbero toglierlo proprio! :p)

riducono il numero degli adds chiamati dal nano ciccio malefico sull'ultimo fight dell'adv solo di pickclaws (li dimezzano, praticamente- si saranno resi conto che era un'inutile perdita di tempo? ^^')

la falsa regina di fractured hive della versione eroica nn mettera' piu' prigioni su i giocatori con kb in aria (maddai che era un bug! lol)

altre variazioni/fix random (leggeteveli :asd: )

Vesspyr Isles

  • The teleporter in the Falinpol tower now has a much lower stun duration.
The Fractured Hive [Heroic]

  • Queen Meacidaris will no longer cast Wax Prison on players while they are knocked up into the air.
High Keep: The Pickclaw Depths [Advanced Solo]

  • The number of Pickclaws that are called by Bolgin at the onset of the encounter has been reduced by half, from 20 to 10.

  • The base potency modifier of Recklessness now properly suspends when the stance is suspended.
The Prestige Item Merchant and the Adornment Merchant in Champions respite will now allow you to exchange your Marks of Devastation for Havoc Mark’s. This conversion is one way only.
Weapon converters will now grant two requisitions when used on a two handed weapon.
Aspect of the Dragon has had its damage reduced in PvP combat.
Viscious Counter will no longer stun in PvP combat, it will instead debuff lethality.
The following armor pieces may now be upgraded with a second green carnage gem:

  • Champion’s Wurmhide Tunic of Finesse
  • Champion’s Voidplate Spaulders of Reflexes
Disabled the following purple War Runes in PvP combat:

  • Adamant Defiance
  • Adamant Resolve
  • Astral Dominion
  • Blinding Gleam
  • Reification

  • Level 89 tradeskill writs will no longer have a chance to ask for level 90 recipes.

  • Uplifting effects now properly persist through zoning.
  • Salvo now has a 60 second reuse time, increased both Crit Bonus and Potency and the values have been improved.

  • Daily missions from Onerind Fe’Dhar in Vesspyr Isles have had their requirements for completion changed.
  • The collection Ethereal Explorer now has a third reward option. If you have already completed this collection you may purchase this charm from Veasna in the Vesspyr Isle Falinpol area by exchanging the reward you claimed previously.


qualche bug fix..nulla di eccezionale..vabbe :)

piu' che altro qualche fix con bug incluso... per cui han dovuto fare un hotfix nn previsto e d'urgenza.. :asd:

[h=1]Update Notes: Thursday, December 5, 2013 (2nd Update)[/h]
If your Fighter was feeling a little impotent after this morning’s game update, you weren’t alone.
Fighter classes discovered that, regardless of their choice of stance — Offensive, Defensive, or Recklessness — the moment they engaged in combat, their Potency was cut to 0%. This has been fixed with a second update this afternoon.

From the EQ2 Forums:

  • Fixed an issue with Recklessness.


Super Postatore
In realtà non era un bug... era una feature!

Così da obbligare i tank ad avere agrosupport...