Update Notes: Thursday, November 19, 2015


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  • Fixed an issue causing houses to think you have less house vault slots than you should.
  • Fixed a bug where the three center deity window abilities would overlap slightly with the gold rings around them.
  • The stack count now shows on infusers in the infusion window.

  • Aberrants in Thalumbra no longer drop Amygdalan loot.


  • Sign text has been added to the Laboratory entrance to explain why you cannot enter it.
  • Sarforth, in Outer Maldura, now has a title available for purchase for those who made ally with the glaufaye village of Zou’Lidelas.
  • The guards just inside the entrance of Maldura (from Thalumbra) have been moved further away from the revive point.
  • Burning Coals, the damage inflicted by the forges in Maldura, will no longer persist through death.
Maldura: Forge of Ashes [Raid]

  • Uigirf, Htardlem and Omzzem have gone through some minor self defense classes.
  • The entrance for this zone has been relocated to within the City of Malduranear the Mushroom Bar.

  • Delidrae, the Ineffible Thorn has returned to Qeynos and Freeport if you have purchased the Collector’s or Premium Edition.

  • Added description text onto the Forge of Brell house item.
  • The Dhalgar Precipice of the Deep portal gate can now be seen.
  • The house items for the Bag of Sewn Evil eye and Tinkerer’s Satchel should now be purchasable on Shady Swashbuckler.
  • Altar of the Ancients can now be placed in guildhalls.

  • “Fuels are Forever” now deletes the quest items if you delete the quest.
  • Ethan will no longer email you about “What Lies Beneath” unless you have finished “The Captain’s Lament”.
  • Fury Road- Tyshgwyn no longer spawns multiples when players are grouped.
  • Pollen For the Thrall – Gathering waterlace pollen is now a group update.
  • Shattered Seas signature quest line starter has been added to Tranquil Sea.
  • All quests offered by the mission givers in Thalumbra can now be shared. Note: When sharing some of these quests, you may receive the following error message, “Failed to offer the Quest [quest name] to [player name].” This is just a display error, which we are working on correcting.
  • Lost Tales of the Aberrant collection items may now be added to the collection