Update Notes: Tuesday, December 3, 2013


+ fix sul collection double reward in etyma d'emergenza, in coda a quello previsto sui server US nn dicono nulla per i server EU

la prima parte dovrebbero gia' essere stata aggiornata stamattina. per quanto riguarda il reward delle collection, appunto, nin zo. dicono tutti i server us e nn menzionano quelli eu... percio' o, paradossalmente, sui server eu hanno patchato tutto insieme o.... patcheranno col prossimo hotfix :p

sull'update regolare: sistemano alcuni fight, danno possibilita' di volare dentro alcune case, aggiustano i buff del merc inqui (cambiano ma per dps) per adattarlo alle modifiche di gioco (ed era ora :p) ed altre cose...

quoto da wire:


  • AA events should now have an icon in the guild events window.
Prestige houses, which previously had a max item limit of 800 or lower, have been raised to 900.
Players may now own up to 25 houses per character.
The following houses now allow mounts / flying:

  • Ethernere Enclave
  • Tenebrous Island Refuge
  • Vale of Halfpint Delight
  • Storm Tower Isle
  • Dimensional Pocket
Chamber of Stasis

  • A new revive point is now available in Ssrez’Ras: Chamber of Stasis after defeating Ziskaya.
Chamber of Stasis [Heroic]

  • Lowered the length Juggernaut is active on Chamber Custodians from 20 to 10 and lowered the damage of Overpower.
Arena of the Gods

  • Avatars fought within the arena now only require 550 critical chance. Avatars found in the open world should still require 650.
Halls of the Betrayer

  • Corrected issues with conduits when returning to the instance.
  • Corrected issues with doors to Fherin when returning to the instance.
Temple of Veeshan (All Heroics)

  • Granted 50% mount air speed in all ToV zones to lessen the travel time between encounters.
Temple of Veeshan: Guardian’s Edifice

  • In the Rarthek the Swiftclaw encounter, the time to destroy the eggs when interacting with them has been reduced.
Temple of Veeshan: Halls of the Betrayer (Advanced Solo)

  • Lowered the amount of encounters needed for the Grendish ring event to continue.
Stratum of the Protectors [Heroic]

  • NPCs in Stratum were mistakenly using the crit avoidance buff from Highkeep. Their crit avoidance is now 425, which matches Chamber of Stasis.

  • Overloaded Interception and Construct’s Interception should no longer cancel when the channeler flies on a mount.

  • Inquisitor mercenaries “Tenacity” buff should now correctly grant multi attack instead of DPS to match player version of the spell.

  • Bertoxxulous’ Blessing can only last 90 seconds if you have Psychotic Assault active.
  • Shared Glory should now properly apply its effects to the group.
  • Flowing Power will no longer dispel on the spell that the player is in the process of casting when Mana Flow triggers Flowing Power.
Family Ties – Fraka Dar can now be seen, and spoke to again by players that logged out, zoned or lost connection while leading him to Harla Dar

[h=1]Unscheduled US Server Downtime December 3rd: Etyma Collection Turn-in Fix[/h]
All US servers will come down at 10:30 AM PT for a brief update to address double Etyma rewards for Gold Members. Downtime is anticipated to be approximately one horu.