Update Notes: Tuesday, December 8, 2015


nell'update di stamattina, tra le cose piu' importanti: finalmente si puo' reforgiare potency senza perdere il reforge (ed i soldi spesi per reforgiare) quando si zona :)
The /summon_chest command can no longer be used while on a transport.

Maldura: Palace Foray [Heroic]
Dragoon Z'Koz will always drop a treasure chest.

Kralet Penumbra: Temple of the Ill-Seen [Advanced Solo]
Should now spawn shinies properly.

Kralet Penumbra: The Master's Chosen [Heroic]
Necromantic Concentration buff can now appropriately be able to be dispelled.

Kralet Penumbra: Rise to Power [Heroic] and Kralet Penumbra: Rise to Power [Advanced Solo]
Xexon, the Listener and Xacx-Kahda will always drop a treasure chest at their default locations.

Stygian Threshold [Heroic]
The spheres that spawn the day and night fairies within Petrified Bramble can now be tracked, and are listed as "sphere of day" and "sphere of night," respectively.
Mawz Harak will always drop a treasure chest at approximately 71, 88, 262.

Kralet Penumbra: The Hive Mind [Raid]
Ynonngozzz'Koolbh should no longer roam oddly through his room or doorways.
Coerced Beastial Destructors should no longer continue to cast their spells if they are not defeated and reset.
Bring About a Plague, Pox, and Affliction should no longer be able to be resisted, but should no longer get put on dead players.

Maludra: Forge of Ashes [Raid]
Ashenfell and Graybeard Sureshots should no longer be able to snipe players who have recently had "Intervene" cast on them by a fighter.

Fervor now shows in the character window.
Fervor is now available via dynamic data.
Fixed a bug where Fervor was not properly applying to heals.

Fixed a bug where the dynamic data for available deity points was not updating when points were spent.
Fixed a bug where the character level, instead of number of available deity points, was showing in the tithe experience bar.

Fixed an issue where Potency would be reverted after zoning.

The time available to complete Rubble Rampage has been reduced by 3 minutes, from 8 to 5.