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NUovo update riguardante la rimozione del costo d'acquisto e nuove opzioni di sottoscrizioni con relativi discount
inoltre hanno inserito anche un survey

After today’s server maintenance the anniversary free weekend is over. We’d like to thank everyone who joined us in celebrating the game’s one year anniversary. Our returning players got to experience our recent updates and newcomers got a first taste of our sandbox PvP game during a very active weekend.

We hope that you’ll stick around to experience the exciting new sandbox features in our upcoming patches. To help our new players continue, we removed the game client pricing and are now offering the game for the cost of the subscription. New, returning, and current players will also enjoy more subscription plan options. Specifically:

1. 30 days of Darkfall Unholy Wars for 14.95* (25% reduction)

2. 90 days of Darkfall Unholy Wars for 35.95* (20% discount)

3. 180 days of Darkfall Unholy Wars for 59.95* (33% discount)

We would appreciate if you could participate in a short Darkfall Unholy Wars Satisfaction Survey by following this link. It’s a small list of questions that will help us better understand what you would like to see in Darkfall Unholy Wars in the near future. Your feedback is very important to us.

Thank you.

*Prices are in Euros or US Dollars depending on location.
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