Version 18.3 Release Notes

These are the release notes for the 18.3 update. Including the 18.3.1 update.

The Mail System

* Reclaim terminals are now mail terminals. Reclaim is now /reclaim.
* Free Accounts can not send mail, but can receive. Froobs can buy sending abilities (one time fee).
* Inbox size is 30 mails. If inbox is full, you can not receive more mail.
* Standard delivery: 2000 credits, 30-35 minutes.
* Express delivery: 200000 credits, 2-7 minutes.
* Rate limit is one mail per minute.
* Minimum credit amount to send is 4000 credits.
* Can not send nodrops, backpacks or temporary items.
* COD fee is 5% + normal send fee.
* COD mail will return after the timeout period (2days) and stay in your inbox for 2 days after that.
* Normal mail timeout is 14 days.
* Any mail that times out will be deleted and items/credits will be lost (will not be reimbursed).
* Mail can not be deleted unless all attachments are taken.
* Right click in friends window when inbox is open to send mail to a friend.
* A big icon will appear when you have new mail. The icon can be moved.

Sector 10 Changes

* Bosses are now spawned using a pocketboss system using parts looted in the playfield from regular aliens.
* Health of some aliens has been decreased.
* Alien Regeneration Conduits have been adjusted.
* Bonus AXP has been added to repeatable missions.
* Mini-map improved to better show the playfield structure during night and day cycles.

Other Changes

* Mercenary Bosses should no longer summon. Further updates to this area will be in the next update.
* Various Reload issues should no longer occur.
* LOX instances: Mitaar Hero, Vortexx and Elder Hall no longer require complete LOX mission lines for access.
* Chain death should now function correctly for Neutral players.
* The Grind Nightclub is now permanently open. Speaking with the bouncer is no longer necessary for entrance.
* The Grind VIP item should no longer vanish when used incorrectly.
* Visual issue with multiple hotbars becoming active should no longer occur.

18.3.1 Update Notes
Christmas is here! This year's Christmas fun will be running to the 5th of January

* 12 Days of Christmas Questline offering many exciting new unique rewards.
* Christmas Edition Phasefront Hoverboard added to the Paid Points Vendor.

Other Changes

* Amazing new music created by popular artist **Ayria** added to "The Grind" Nightclub.
* Veteran Leet Nano can no longer be used on the Battle Station.
* Victory Points cost reduced for Victory Tokens and more when bought in larger amounts.
* Engineer Mines should no longer be placeable in the Decontamination Room.
* Reload button should no longer disappear after un-equipping one ammo-using gun out of two.
* Mercenary Camp Bosses should now be able to path out of their arena.
* Mail Terminal added to luxurary orbital apartments.
* Priest Fontain should now update the *Soulbound Information* quest properly.

LoX Loot Table Changes

* Technomaster Sinuh's loot table adjusted to be similar to Vortexx loot table.
* Deranged Xan's loot table adjusted to encourage larger teams. Token Gun Quest Changes
* Quests/NPC Dialogue Streamlined to minimize user errors.

3rd "tokengun" now gives token. Tower reward coming in the future

* DCSD's no longer nodrop or unique for safer trading.
* Respawn time shortened on Quest NPCs to minimize waiting time. Sector 10 Bosses Loot Table Changes
* Viral Bots and S10 Tradeskill items should now be restored to the previous drop rate. Really this time.