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Il post è scritto in inglese ma la gestione della gilda e la maggior parte dei players attivi al momento sono italiani

> City: Martlock
> Player base: Italy
> Taxes: 10%
> Alliance: [DPS]
> Languages: italiani, English

PvP Content:
> Ganking
> Small Scale PvP
> Crystal GvG
> Dungeon Diving
> ZvZ with the alliance
> T6.1 Full Regear for Ganking

PvE Content:
> Group Fame Farming sessions in BZ
> Safe Maps for Fame Farming in BZ
> Avalonian Dungeon with the alliance
> HCE from map lv. 1 to lv. 14

Other offers:
> Hideouts in BZ
> Free guides for new players
> Experienced players to ask for advice

> Mentally mature, understanding with a sense of humour;
> Ability to follow the guild and alliance rules.
> Consistency and commitment in the project
> Headphones with microphone to facilitate communication
> Age 16+ (not mandatory)

Last two things to say, is a quiet guild that encloses both experienced players and novice players, before being a guild we are friends who enjoy this game and try to improve day after day