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Hanno cambiato alcune cose nell'ordine dei contenuti e quindi ecco la nuova lista:

Latest Patch: (live nel server)
Totem Decay
Coming of Revenants
Creature AI revisions

Current Round: (in testing)
Artisan and Master armor sets
Artisan and Master weapons
Crafting system revised to be more progressive and consistent
Female armor sets
Crafted item bonus revisions
Increases end item (armor, weapon, tool) decay on use and in combat
Additional tools required for resource gathering skills
Death penalties
Zone difficulty rating based on amount and power of creatures
Scavenged resource bonus revised and based on skill and difficulty (distance from tribes and zone difficulty rating)
Scavenged resource redistribution and balance
Creature migration (legendary creatures migrate away from society towards the mist, smaller and tame creatures migrate towards society)
Trade function at tribe totems

Next Round: game immersion and survival.
Cooking skill
Healing skill
Comfort and weather effects on players
Combat revisions including ranged combat
Ability for tribes to remove safe zones
Real Estate System completed

Next Round: creature improvements

All rounds will include bug fixes and minor improvements as they fit in with our schedule.
Cioè questi furboni han messo ORA il totem decay? Ridicolo, e pensare che era la grande novità prevista per i tempi in cui ci giocavo io (sarà stato 1 anno fa, anche di più).

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