Xsyon MMORPG Free Trial!


Mi è arrivata questa:

You are receiving this email as a forum member for the online game
world Xsyon.

*Xsyon is now open for Free Trials!*
* *
Xsyon's Trial Server will be open to all forum members and previous
game citizens until the end of November.

If you have never played Xsyon, join us and experience Xsyon as it is
on our Main Live Server for FREE. The data from the Main Server has
been replicated on the Trial Server .

If you are a returning player, you are welcome to come back and
experience Xsyon's evolution. Recent improvements include:

- Creature migration system. Dangerous creatures and mutants migrate
towards the mountains and border lands along the green mist. Tame and
small creatures tend to stay near the center lake regions and

- The coming of revenants. Revenants are undead that haunt abandoned
tribal areas. Revenants can loot player and equip stolen armor and
weapons. They grow in power as they defeat players but weaken or
abandon their haunts if they are defeated.

- Totem decay. Abandoned tribes decay over time. Containers and
buildings left on abandoned tribal lands become accessible to looting.
Revenants arrive to haunt neglected tribes. In time the tribe totem is
removed and abandoned lands can be reclaimed completely by other

Characters and data on the trial server will reset every Monday at
3:00 AM Pacific Standard Time during this open Free Trial period.

We hope you enjoy how the game world has evolved and look forward to
seeing you in Xsyon!